India Smart Utility Week 2024

India Smart Utility Week 2024

The Indian Smart Grid Forum (ISGF) has organized its flagship annual event, India Smart Utility Week (ISUW) since 2015. ISUW 2024, the tenth edition of the flagship event was organized as an international conference, and the exhibition was scheduled from 12th – 16th March 2024 at Hotel Lalit, New Delhi, India. ISUW 2024 included plenaries, bilateral workshops, keynotes, technical sessions, technical paper presentations, tutorials, and technical tours. Bi-lateral Smart Energy Workshops with EU, USA, and Germany were also conducted.

The inauguration of ISUW 2024 conference and exhibition took place on the 13th of March 2024, at 10 AM. The event also witnessed the presence of the European Union Ambassador, H.E. Hervé Delphin along with Swedish Ambassador, Jan Thesleff and German Ambassador, Dr Philipp Ackermann for the opening ceremony.

On March 13th, 2024, the 13th EU-India Smart Energy workshop took place during ISUW 2024. This workshop featured sessions on "Standards and Regulations for Green Hydrogen" and "Regional Energy Connectivity in South Asia". These sessions were conducted as panel discussions, with representatives from the EU, India, and other relevant regions.

The session focusing on Green Hydrogen addressed the significance and transition toward Green Hydrogen as a clean fuel for industrial applications, particularly in the context of its growing importance in India. Discussions also explored pathways for expanding the green hydrogen sector, taking into account policy measures adopted in India and drawing upon the EU's extensive experience in this domain. Additionally, the session emphasized the importance of standards and regulations in advancing the green hydrogen sector and explored opportunities for EU-India collaboration in this area.

The session on Regional Energy Connectivity focused on the importance of interconnected regional grids, especially with the rise of renewable energy in electricity grids. The session also highlighted the energy scenario in South Asian regions and emphasized how these interconnected grids could mitigate energy shortages in South Asian countries and bolster energy security. Additionally, the session explored how improved regional connectivity could enable more efficient responses to fluctuations in energy production and consumption. Leveraging the EU's expertise in interconnected grids, the session aimed to support South Asian regions in enhancing energy security and facilitating the sharing of cleaner energy sources to meet consumer demand.

Following these discussions, a brief session on Financing Investment in Clean Energy Platform (FICEP) was conducted.
Additionally, an EU pavilion had been set up in the exhibition area of ISUW 2024 to showcase EU projects and initiatives, with participation from various EU-India joint projects and industry associations.

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