Research & innovation priorities for solar thermal

Research & innovation priorities for solar thermal

Both the European Union (EU) and India have set ambitious targets for renewable energy and are keen on further strengthening their cooperation in this area under the EU-India Clean Energy and Climate Partnership ( The partnership is working closely in the areas of renewable energy, including in the solar energy space.

India is one of the largest consumers of Energy and the consumption stood at 32,514 PJ in 2019-20. Industrial sector is the largest consumer of energy in India using more than half, i.e., 55.85% of the total energy consumption. Solar thermal applications have an immense market potential, and can pave way for decarbonization of heating and cooling applications across not only Industrial, but also commercial and domestic applications. Research and innovation (R&I) will play a key role in achieving significant improvements across solar thermal value chain, thereby increasing competitiveness of solar thermal energy. 

Under the ongoing EU-India Clean Energy & Climate Partnership (CECP) project, a study was commissioned to assess the current status, identify the sector needs, Research & Innovation (R&I) needs and relevance for cooperation between the EU and India in the area of solar thermal. The report was presented in the workshop and views from participants were sought to identify the R&I needs and other recommendations to help accelerate the deployment of solar thermal interventions.

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