Tapping offshore wind at (REI) Expo 2021

Tapping offshore wind at (REI) Expo 2021

The European Union (EU) and India have set ambitious targets for renewable energy and are keen on further strengthening their cooperation in this area under the EU-India Clean Energy and Climate Partnership (CECP). The Offshore wind sector is one of the key sectors of intervention between EU and India. India has a long coastal line of about 7,600 kilometers which offers considerable Offshore wind energy generation potential. However, the Offshore wind sector is yet to materialize in India. 

As part of the CECP project, EU moderated a session on “Tapping the Offshore Wind Energy Potential in India” at the REI Expo, 2021 on 16th September 2021 which witnessed participation from industry stakeholders from EU and India. During the session, the study commissioned under CECP on Offshore wind was presented which highlighted the skills that are needed, which might either be available already or will have to be developed through possible collaboration with training facilities/institutes in the EU. The presentation of the report was followed by a panel discussion amongst experts from EU and India to discuss the current state of Offshore wind sector in India, and skilling requirement in India to support deployment of projects.

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