FOWPI (First Offshore Wind Farm Project of India) will promote the use of sustainable energy in India through:

  • Building of Indian Knowledge Bank with data on Indian and European stakeholders and capturing European experience in offshore wind
  • Preliminary Design and Technical Specifications for a 200 MW offshore wind farm off the coast of Gujarat, including:
    1. Geophysical site survey providing bathymetric map and soil information, and geotechnical desktop study
    2. Metocean Assessment
    3. Wind Turbine technology guidance
    4. Preliminary foundation design, including appurtenances
    5. Preliminary electrical design, including array cable layout, substation and grid connection
    6. Preliminary wind farm layout and annual energy production estimation
    7. Environmental Scoping
    8. Coastal & Onshore study, including guidance on construction and O&M harbour
  • Development of a Financial Investment Model for the first offshore wind farm in India
  • Procedures for Permit Management, Certification and Health and Safety based on EU experience and best practice
  • Enhance the capacity of National Institute of Wind Energy (NIWE) to act as the nodal agency for the offshore wind sector in India. Also assist in capacity building of the MNRE for offshore wind
  • Secretariat Services including support for stakeholders with technical input and logistical support

The total area occupied by the Project site is approximately 70 km2 with an average water depth of about 20m.