Status Of Work

Setting up ECBC cells

The ECBC cells were set up in 4 states by December 2016. The cell members are well qualified and equipped with the professional skills required for the tasks to be delivered under this project. The team consists of the architects and engineers having relevant experience in the building energy efficiency, building physics, green buildings etc. The team for the cells is as below:

S.No. State Cell operation date Present Cell members
1 Maharashtra September 2016 – to date Ms Sanghamitra (architect) and
Mr Tarun Sachdeva (Engineer)
2 Madhya Pradesh August 2016 – to date Mr Kaushal (Engineer)
3 Odisha December 2016 – to date Ms Pratyasha Tripathy (Engineer) and Mr. Sambit Mahapatra (architect)
4 Bihar December 2016 – to date Ms Shammi Noor (Engineer)