EU Experience

This set of Position Papers describes further measures and good practices aimed at maximising the positive impact of the EPBD.  These include measures to promote the EPBD, achieve good market visibility with energy certification, and skills enhancement initiatives for construction professionals and trades.  Aspects of good practice implementation of energy certification as a market instrument are highlighted.  All EU Member States have adopted strategies for mobilising investment in deep energy efficient renovation of buildings, which is a major priority and challenge.  An associated major impetus at EU and Member State level in mobilising investment finance and campaigns to support the upscaling of deep energy efficient renovation in particular.

 No. Position Paper Indicative elements
1 Energy Performance Certification systems – development, organisation, functionality, market presence and influence
  • Mandatory application
  • Formats and content of certificates and accompanying advisory reports
  • Criteria for certifiers – Codes of Practice
  • Market visibility and confidence – including views of financiers
  • Costs of certification
  • Databases/ registers of certificates
  • Best practice examples
  • Central administration and registration systems for EPCs – design and specification, functionality, procurement of software development, operation, financing model
  • Indications of impact and influence on property values
  • Strategic added value from central on-line databases
2 Energy efficiency renovation strategies
  • Key steps and elements
  • Leadership, vision and stakeholder engagement
  • Building stock and market profiling
  • Key barriers and questions
  • Technical and economic appraisal
  • Prioritisation of actions – by sector and technology
  • Regulatory measures
  • Financial initiatives – de-risking and confidence building measures
  • New products and skills
  • Policy support programmes
  • Key programmes
  • Good practice national/ regional examples
3 Financial/ market instruments and promotional, information and awareness campaigns
  • Range of policy/ market instruments
  • Graduated incentives for performance (link to Energy Performance Certification)
  • Scale of central EU funding
  • Financial sources (wholesale) and channels (banks, local authorities etc.)
  • Grants, tax breaks, loan conditions etc.
  • Role of ESCOs and Energy Performance Contracting
  • Incentives for energy efficient products
  • Demonstration projects/ Case examples
  • ‘Smart Finance for Smart Buildings’ initiatives – de-risking investment in energy renovation
  • Promotional, information and awareness campaigns – target groups, engagement, activity levels, examples of media and messaging, confidence building