Information on the project

The project

ACE:E2 (Adoption, Compliance, Enforcement for Energy Efficiency) was one of the three CECI’s implementation branches. “Clean Energy Cooperation with India (CECI)” aimed at enhancing India’s capacity to deploy low carbon energy production and improve energy efficiency, thereby contributing to the mitigation of global climate change. CECI activities supported India’s efforts to secure the supply of energy and thus contribute to global energy security, within a well-established framework for strategic energy cooperation between the EU and India.

The ACE:E2 project focuses on buildings and especially on adoption, enforcement, and compliance of the ECBC (Energy Conservation Building Code) in India through facilitating the transfer of knowledge and technological know-how from the EU experience in the sector and its adaptability to the Indian context, also through the involvement of the European businesses in the energy technologies sector and by fostering their cooperation with Indian actors.

Initially, the ACE:E2 project was addressed to four states (Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Odisha, and Bihar). Although the main work of the project was carried out in these four states, the project’s scope expanded to cover the whole India through regional and national workshops, reports that can facilitate other states towards enforcement of ECBC, as well as by reinforcing actions that enable the EU-India communication and knowledge transfer.

The main expected outputs from the project include the following:

Output 1: Energy efficiency legislation for the building sector is adopted, notified and implemented in the 4 targeted states.

Output 2: Design studies to retrofit/construct at least eight (8) existing/new buildings, according to very high energy efficiency requirements.

Output 3: Capacity developed at the state level to continue the implementation of the ECBC.

Output 4: Setting up of implementation forum and 4 regional and 2 national workshops to disseminate best practices of energy efficiency legislation in the building sector.

Output 5: Dissemination/showcasing of EU technical solutions to energy efficient buildings.