Enforcement Activities In India

Enforcement mechanism i.e., first party, second party and third party adopted in various countries have been analysed. Rules proposed by BEE were analysed and customized for states in consultation with various stakeholders in the state. In addition to the rules, following activities have been done:

  1. Integration in bye laws – Review of existing bye laws to integrate ECBC;
  2. Integration in building approval process – Review of building approval process to integrate ECBC;
  3. Integration in SoR (Schedule of Rates) – Review the existing SoR and integrate the remaining items.

  Current Progress on enforcement activities:

  • Integration in bye laws – ECBC has been integrated in Odisha bye-laws and for the other three states, the bye-laws have been revised but yet to be notified by the states;
  • Intergation in building approval process – Recommendations to integrate ECBC features have been provided for all the four states;
  • Integration in SoR (Schedule of Rates) – SoR revision is under progress in four states;
  • Awareness – Several programmes have been conducted on enforcement mechanism of ECBC.

  Demo Projects

No. Topic Short Description
1 Identification of prospective new building for showcasing ECBC Identify a iconic, influencing and public building for show casing ECBC approach
2 Identification of existing building for showcasing ECBC Identify the existing building which delivers promising savings with ECBC
3 Preparation of demo project template Prepared a template focusing on information of the project in terms of project team, data required, data analysis, results etc.