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To show the compliance towards ECBC in buildings, several tools are being developed in consultation with BEE. The tools developed are Demo project template and notification guide under this category. The demo project template is the document which will summarize all the information regarding the demo project. It will showcase the different approaches considered while designing the building for the optimisation of the overall building energy consumption and for each option the life cycle cost is calculated. This will be adopted by all states for the demonstration of the ECBC building. The notification guide is the document which is prepared with the experience of different stakeholders involved in notification process. This gives a common approach to any state on “how to notify ECBC in the state”? This will act as the common guide book for all. Apart from this, BEE is developing a tool “EMIS (Energy monitoring information system)” which will assess whether the building is ECBC compliant or not, based on the inputs provided, through inbuilt simulation tools and it will monitor the energy performance of the building post occupancy as well.

Scope of work for demonstration projects

  • Technical assistance for techno-economic assessments, technical design, development of financing strategies.
  • Consultations with the State authorities involved, workshops and studies as well as identification / monitoring of demonstration projects might require frequent travel to the selected States also by the Experts.
  • Assisting the SDA with identification of potential ECBC & Retrofitting Projects.
  • Support the development of State-specific Action Plans / Roadmaps, including the preparation and implementation for demonstration projects.

For the methodology applied, please click here.

List of identified demonstration projects

States Name of project Built up area (m2) Status of project
Maharashtra Project A Project B Commitment of 100 buildings to be ECBC compliant 8500 4500 Under design Under design
Madhya Pradesh Project A Project B Project C Project D 5500 9000 10283 11766 Existing building Under design Under design Under design
Odisha Project A Project B 4616 2508 Existing building Under design and tender will come out in March 2018
Bihar Project A 4200 New building


Demonstration Projects

MEDA, Maharastra

Intelligent City Operations and Management Centre, Bhubaneshwar

Data Reporting Mechanism

No. Topic Short Description
  Tools for reporting and monitoring of the ECBC demo projects A demo project template is the useful tool for internal monitoring and reporting of the ECBC demo project. Also, EMIS tool will be helpful for the owners and assessors to report and monitor their project’s performance by simulating the building in real time and comparing it with other similar buildings in the same climatic zone and similar nature of operations.